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    Our face says so much about us- our eyes, our smile, all communicate who we are. It is very common that as a result of weight gain, unwanted fat deposits accumulate on the face and neck. As a result, our best features are often distorted- our eyes look smaller because of enlarged cheeks and a double chin elongates the face.

    The good news is that SharpLight’s treatments can easily target the facial fat cells and re-contour the face. Treatment is completely non-invasive and painless and in just a few sessions,  a natural ‘face lifting’ effect can be achieved. Most importantly, there is absolutely no downtime and the treatment can be performed in a lunchtime break.

    Treatment Overview

    Radio-frequency (RF) technology targets the fat cells beneath the skin and heats them up. The heat causes the cells to secrete liquid fat that is stored in the cells. As a result the cells shrink in size and the contour of the face is improved.


    Simultaneously, the RF causes the collagen fibers in the deeper dermal layer to contract which results in immediate skin tightening. The RF also stimulates the production of new collagen which delivers long-term skin tightening results. The RF skin tightening is often complimented with VermaDerm Infrared (IR) technology. VermaDerm also heats up the skin and prompts the same collagen reaction as RF but in the superficial dermal layer.


    • VermaDerm: LP IR light technology has established itself as a gold-standard in aesthetic treatments and is used for a variety of applications such as lax skin, body contouring and improved skin texture. Our VermaDerm technology is based on wavelengths that range from 850 to 1750 nm.
    • Radio-frequency: Radio-frequency (RF) is a safe and effective technology that has been clinically proven to rejuvenate facial skin, contour the body, reduce cellulite and more. The advantage of RF is its ability to deliver heat to the tissue non-specifically.


    Immediate and long term body contouring results

    Clinical Research


    Our body contouring treatments are indicated for circumferential reduction, cellulite improvement, skin tightening