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    Rapid Firm

    Rapid Firm

    Rapid Firm

    The ultimate aesthetic device for skin firming treatments that houses both VermaDerm (LP IR) and multi-polar RF

    • Preset treatment parameters:

      To ensure optimal results, the Rapid Firm’s software allows you to select preset parameters which optimize treatment results

    • Expand your technological arsenal:

      Add advanced VermaDerm (LP IR) and multi-polar RF to your clinic and increase your treatment portfolio

    • No consumables:

      The Rapid Firm is highly cost effective and doesn’t require any consumables

    • Powerful dual technology capabilities:

      Achieve superior clinical results by combining VermaDerm and RF technology

    • Treat a wide variety of indications:

      Offer your patients the most sought-after treatments- circumferencial reduction, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation and more

    • Competitively priced device:

      The Rapid Firm contains two advanced technologies and is competitavely priced

    Rapid Firm


    We have developed and fine-tuned 4 cutting edge technologies- DPCTM, RF, VermaDermTM, and Laser. Used in combination or as stand-alone solutions, they provide you with unsurpassed treatment flexibility and exceptional clinical results.

    Note: SharpLight’s RF technology is not cleared for sale in the U.S.


    We at SharpLight are dedicated to helping you provide your patients with the most advanced aesthetic treatments that deliver superior clinical outcomes.

    Before And After

    Circumferencial reduction, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation and more

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