At Sharplight, we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing advanced non-invasive aesthetic solutions that drive the industry forward

We are unique since we not only create the devices, we also use them in aesthetic clinics that we own– the American Laser Group (AML). This combination provides us with deep insight into the needs of aesthetic professionals and their patients, and has helped us become experts in the field.

Our goal is that each patient will be delighted by their aesthetic results and that their treatment experience will be a positive one. To this end, our in-house Research and Development team continuously develops and fine tunes aesthetic technologies.

Our flagship proprietary Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC) and DPC Flow technologies have redefined treatment effectiveness, comfort and speed. Additionally, we have developed highly effective VermaDerm LP IR and Laser capabilities. Used separately or in combination, they deliver superior clinical outcomes for a range of applications such as skin rejuvenation, vascular and pigmented lesion, body contouring, hair removal and more.

Understanding the varying needs of aesthetic practices, we have created a broad range of aesthetic workstations- from uni-technology devices dedicated to a singular application to multi-technology platforms capable of treating a wide range of indications. This versatility enables you to choose the solution that best helps you grow and expand your practice.

Our Experience

Turning knowledge into a complete business system

AML preform 30,000 treatments each month. Based on this extensive experience we have formulated treatment protocols that yield optimal clinical results.


Each SharpLight protocol originates from our cooperation with AML.


SharpLight has daily contact with both the aestheticians and their patients which provides us with unique insight to real time needs of both our clients and their patients.

  • Each technology developed by our in-house R&D team translates this exclusive insight into our treatment protocols.
  • Our protocols enable you to preform efficient and safe treatment without having to optimize your parameters.
  • Repeatable, immediate and long-lasting results are our goal.
  • We at are committed to the success of our clients, and sharing our knowledge is our core promise to you.

Quality Assurance

SharpLight’s products are ISO 13485:2016 and CAN/CSA ISO 13485: 2003 certified.