Rapid Contour

    Rapid Contour

    Rapid Contour

    An advanced multi-polar RF system designated for circumferential reduction,  body contouring, cellulite reduction and post weight-loss skin tightening treatments

    • Modularly grow your business:

      The Rapid Contour enables you to gradually increase your technological capabilities

    • Cost effective:

      The Rapid Contour doesn't require any consumables

    • Fast ROI:

      Body contouring treatments are in high demand and you can expect a ROI within a few months

    • Add RF capabilities to your practice:

      RF is a gold standard aesthetic technology that can expand your treatment portfolio

    • High patient satisfaction levels:

      Treatment is highly effective, pleasant, competently pain-free

    • ‘Color blind’ technology:

      RF technology is effective on all skin types

    Rapid Contour


    We have developed and fine-tuned 4 cutting edge technologies- DPCTM, RF, VermaDermTM, and Laser. Used in combination or as stand-alone solutions, they provide you with unsurpassed treatment flexibility and exceptional clinical results.

    Note: SharpLight’s RF technology is not cleared for sale in the U.S.


    We at SharpLight are dedicated to helping you provide your patients with the most advanced aesthetic treatments that deliver superior clinical outcomes.

    Visible body contouring results