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    Cellulite Reduction

    Don’t let cellulite stop you from doing what you love

    •  Cellulite


    Within the skin, the fibrous connective tissue affixes the top layer of the skin to the connective tissue below the skin. Regardless of body weight, when there are changes in the thickness of the adipose fat cells, the connective tissue prevents the skin from expanding. As a result, the fat herniates through the fibers and causes dimples. These dimples form what is known as cellulite.

    Getting rid of cellulite has never been easier. SharpLight’s advanced multi-polar Radio-frequency technology easily treats the cellulite and restores the skin to its original form. Treatment is completely painless and there is absolutely no downtime. SharpLight’s solution can treat all skin types and all grades of cellulite.

    Treatment Overview

    During treatment the Radio-frequency (RF) energy breaks the connective tissue enabling the adipose fat cells to spread more evenly on the skin. In addition, the RF energy targets the adipose cells and heats them. The heat forces them to release liquid fat which results in their contraction.


    Immediate and long term cellulite reduction results

    Clinical Research


    Our body contouring treatments are indicated for circumferential reduction, cellulite improvement, skin tightening