Tips of the Trade

    Tips of the Trade

    Einat Shagal Shapiro, Senior Clinical Trainer for SharpLight Israel, has been training aesthetic practitioners for years on how to best use SharpLight’s products.  Here are a few tips that will help you get the best results for your patients.


    Hair removal:

    Tip #1.
    When using Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC) technology to remove hair from delicate areas such as the bikini or neck, it is recommended to use the cooling tip as an anesthetic before and after each pulse. This dramatically reduces discomfort and increases patient satisfaction.

    Removing hair from the Bikini Line with SharpLight Techology

    Tip #2. When removing hair from small areas such as the face, use a white sticker to reduce the tip’s surface area.  This dramatically increases the accuracy of the treatment and its effectiveness, without any side effects

    Hair removal from face with SharpLight techology


    Tip #3.
    Some women after birth develop dark spots in sensitive areas such as the underarms and the bikini.  If these areas are very hairy, it is recommended to use the HR635 handpiece. The handpiece emits a 635– 950nm red wavelength that targets the hair follicles and reduces unwanted hair.  It also targets pigmented skin cells and removes them, helping patients achieve a more even skin tone.

    Treating pigmentation with SharpLight Technolgy

    Body Contouring:

    Tip #4.
    When treating a patient that has a double chin, first confirm that the cause is excess fat deposits and not loose skin.  If the cause is fat deposits, then it is recommended to use the RF Body handle with the 12 mm tip.  The RF targets the adipose cells and significantly reduces their volume size.  As a result, the double chin can be removed and/or significantly reduced.

    Treating Double Chin with SharpLight Techology


    Tip #5.
    If you have a patient that has active acne and is very hairy, it is recommended to use the HR635 handpiece.  The handpiece emits a 635– 950nm red wavelength that can treat both acne and remove unwanted hair. By choosing this treatment method, you can treat two conditions in a single treatment.

    Treating Acne with SharpLight Techology