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Acne is never welcomed, and severe acne and acne scars can be a source of distress and embarrassment. Acne has affected almost everyone- it is the most common skin disease and about 80% of individuals aged 11-30 have experienced acne outbursts.

Our light-based technologies constitute a true breakthrough in the treatment of acne, as they treat the condition at its source and offer dramatic and long-term results. Our DPC technology is ideal for inflammatory acne, while the Er: YAG 2940 Fractional Laser is preferred for acne scars[1].

Treatment is fast and effective and can be performed during a ‘lunch-time’ procedure with no downtime. The acne reduction is effective on all skin types and results are visible after the very 1st treatment.

Treatment Overview
  • DPC technology: Ideal for treating active acne. During treatment energy is directed at the P. acne bacteria and the porphyrins which they produce. The porphyrins then release oxygen which destroys the bacteria. In parallel, the energy coagulates the small blood vessels that nourish the acne lesions.
  • Er: YAG 2940 Fractional Laser: Our Fractional laser effectively reduces unwanted acne scars. The laser ablates the skin by creating minute beams which are separated by healthy tissue. The healthy tissue then expedites the wound healing process in which new collagen and elastin restore the skin’s texture and smoothness.

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Treatment of acne and acne scars