Er: YAG 2940 Fractional Laser

A demonstration of how Er: YAG 2940 Fractional Laser works . SharpLight

The advantage of the Er: YAG 2940 Fractional Laser over standard lasers that ablate large areas, is that the Fractional Laser ablates only a ‘fraction’ of the skin.

Our Fractional Laser delivers a powerful 2940nm wavelength. At this wavelength, the water absorption of light peaks, and since the skin consists of 60-80% water, this results in the effective ablation of the target area with minimal thermal damage to surrounding tissue.

The laser beam is directed through unique optics that split it into multiple beams, known as pixels. The beams are arranged in two matrices- 7×7 (49 pixels) or 9×9 (81 pixels). The beams cause select ablation in micro-columns in the skin, which are separated by healthy tissue. The intact healthy tissues expedite the recovery by migrating new collagen and elastin into the target area. As a result, the skin’s texture improves and it becomes firmer and tighter.